Filipe Henda

"My journey with drums begins with the project Toca Rufar, in Portugal, back in 1997. For some unknown reason I just sign in for the project and soon after my life turns on to a different beat. Much faster. Much stronger. I learned how to play. I joined the ranks. It became a passion. It became a life style. A couple of years into the project and I found my true path. I started conducting the Toca rufar Orchestra. I composed. I taught. I choreographed. I had found my true calling. I had found myself. It was in front of 300 people playing drums that I felt more alive. For years I shared hopes, dreams and a vision for the future with the founder and director Rui Junior. My mentor, my adoptive father. We jump start the drum tradition in Portugal and we gave it power. 13 years passed. Rui Junior’s vision for the project changed. I changed. A so our paths diverged.


Not long after the O7 Drum Project was born. I had no job, no money, no drums and no place to rehearse and still the O7 found its way to existence. Up and downs. Resilience. Bright ideas. A group of passionate people. Friends. People who believed in me. And that’s all that I needed to make things work. The O7 Project it’s still growing. I’m still growing. Still fighting to make it as big as I imagine it. Still dreaming. One step at the time. Always going forward."


There are many, many wonderful stories to tell so keep an eye on our blog.

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a part of your life

We are a unique community-based drumming project engaged in creating and developing high quality drum shows. We take non-musicians and teach them how to play drums, how to be artists, how to be part of a team and integrate them in a creative and challenging performative environment. Our aim is to provide the resources, skills and opportunities for people to be engage on a drumming artistic journey. We dare and inspire people to commit, to make the most out of their limitations, to take on challenges and be the best that they can be.


The o7 drum project was born in 2010 out of one man’s passion and the commitment of a group of people who shared he’s love for drumming. From buckets and sticks to custom made drums built from up-cycled materials, Filipe Henda’s resilience and unique approach to drumming guided the project’s concept to what it is today, loud and proud and with a very distinct music style.